The N.N. Moisseev Fund Global Problems of the Human Race Survival has been established

Dear friends and colleagues!
It is time to perceive the fact that the term mankind outsteps the framework of philosophy and becomes the property (or the sticking point) of economy and ecology, Earth sciences and climatology, as well as the subject of IT applications from air communications to Internet.
Mankind turns system that is linked with conditions of its permanent residence and its originality on the planet. Neglecting of our commonness today could be fatal for the whole population, Moisseev stated.
We now announce with pleasure a remarkable event formation of the Moisseev Fund Global Problems of the Human Race Survival. Academician (RAS) Alexander A. Petrov has has become its president.
The Main Computing Centre of RAS, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University are among the founders. We are open for co-operation with other domestic and foreign organizations: business, scientific, public, mass media to bring into reality joint projects (publishing, Internet, public actions, etc.) and exchange news and information, as well.
Below comes the list of the Funds programs that were meant for accomplishment. Each paragraph of the list assumes both a high level of theoretical comprehension and detailed definition at the stage of implementation. Every specific proposal from every interested person who would like to contribute to the common cause for the sake of Moisseevs ideas, their understanding and development, their realization in new projects, small and large, will be taken with gratitude.
We would request you to send your proposals to the editorial office of Ecology & Life marked To Moisseev Fund.
The Fund considers the following programs as the most important in its activity:
1. Moisseevs heritage
Publication of N.N. Moisseevs works
Further development of N.N. Moisseevs scientific ideas
The history of science in the years of cold war and the role of science in its ending
Fundamental researches of evolution and co-evolution
1) co-evolution of systems of different nature;
2) development of the theory of universal evolutionism.
Fundamental researches of the problem of collective memory and intellect
1) evolution of information structures in society;
2) network and hierarchic forms of arranging information
2. Application of the co-evolution theory to the regional problems in Russia
Environmental problems of Russias regions
New birth of the Volga and Caspian regions
3. Education
Assistance to the Russian school of environmental education (interpretation of ecology as a subject of system-defined analyses of nature and society interactions problems):
1) working-out of the standards of environmental education, programs and tutorials;
2) teaching and studying ecology, exchange of views regional conferences, seminars, round-table discussions;
3) popularization of environmental view of the world.
Eduction and society:
1) publication of works of great thinkers;
2) sponsorship for encyclopaedic projects;
3) Free reading self-education and development at any age:
a. publication of modern Russian scientific-popular, supplementary (for school courses) and developing literature,
b. translation of modern foreign literature about science for general readers,
c. scientific-popular and educative journalism,
d. criticism of pseudo-science;

4) TV and radio:
a. interviews, discussions and talks with prominent scientists representatives of humanitarian and natural sciences,
b. scientific-popular programs
c. culturological programs.

Education and science:
1) Moisseevs The Master System and its meaning for science and culture;
2) seminars and expanded discussions of the tasks and methods of modern science.
4. Modelling of complex systems and interdisciplinary researches
System analysis of the mechanisms of evolution of complex systems.
Interaction of economic and ecological systems:
1) modelling of mutual impact of economic and ecological processes at regional and global levels;
regional and global mathematical model-assisted forecasts .
    Computer-aided designing of complex systems, evaluation of their reliability and safety; making
the decisions in states of emergency.
Promotion of Russian inventions into the world market of intellectual products.

5. Technologies for co-evolution
New technologies based on environmental standards
Technologies of alternative energy and hybrid systems.
  Research of evolution of technologies from industrial to information one.
Co-evolution of technosphere and biosphere tasks and their solutions.
6. Science, information, society
Political application of co-evolution ideas:
1) principles of compromises of business, authorities and society;
2) environmental imperative and principles of international compromises.
System analysis of the consequences of informatization of economy. System analysis of consequences of information of economy, authorities and society:
1) mass information an infrastructure of social life;
3) protection against information manipulation with citizens a problem of protecting a civil

7. Health of a man and a mankind
System researches of environmental influence on a man and the population.
Medical and ecological education of the population on the basis of information technologies.
8. Cooperation with international research organizations and scientific projects
1) UN organizations UNEP, UNIDO, UNESCO, WHO, ILO;
2) academies Paris Academy, etc.;
3) scientific institutes Worldwatch Institute, IIASA, etc.;
4) clubs Rome Club, Budapest Club, etc.;
5) NGO